Easy Ways to Improve Your Intuition


We all have intuition. Some call it instinct. It is what animals in the wild have for survival. However,it is said that there are ways to expand your intuition. This blog will talk about some of them. 

Meditation – Meditation can help quiet your mind. Some say it also helps one to be in the present moment. It is also said that the key to increasing your intuition is to stay present. You can practice quieting your mind which can help to increase awareness of your intuitive sense. Meditation is key to acccessing your already-there intuition and information fro your Guides and Angels!

Blind Readings – To do a blind reading, you would need three blank index cards. You can think about a decision that you’re currently trying to make. Write a solution to the decision on each card. The next step would be to turn the cards blank side up, shuffle the cards, and place them face down on a table. Place or run your hands over each card,and notice the feeling,if any, you get from each card. Think about which card you are the most drawn to. Turn the cards over,and take a mental note of the decision that is written on the card you were most drawn to.

Red-Light Green-Light Game – Fun and spontaneity can help develop intuition, you don’t need to take it all so serious all the time! To do this game, you imagine a traffic light. Take note that picturing the red light will indicate no, and the green light indicates yes. Ask yourself questions or make statements that have true/false or yes/no answers. Notice in your minds eyes what color the stoplight turns after each statement. Start by saying your name; “I am Josh.” Then call yourself by a different name,and watch in your minds eye to see if the colors change. After you get the hang of the game, you can try it in situations where you don’t know the answer.

Tools – You can also pick a tool or activity to help expand your intuition such as the tarot, pendulum, etc. You can use tools or create your own tool. It may be better to start with a tool that you can easily practice with other learners, and then you can practice on friends. Even practicing a few minutes a day places the intent to open your mind to receive information.

What’s next? Well you should know by now right?? 😉

You’re on your way!

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