Remembering Your Past Lives


Some of us are rather fortunate to be given the huge blessing of remembering … or at the very least knowing about … one or more of our past lives. Either we go to a past life reader in order for them to reveal one to us, or we will actually start to remember for ourselves.

Let’s concentrate today on how you can try to remember them yourself.

How do we start to remember? One major clue to pay attention to is actually our interests; in particular specific time periods in history, clothing worn, cultures of interest … all those things that we feel a particular drawing or affinity to – and really don’t have any explanation as to why. Other things to pay attention to are recurring dreams, irrational fears and/or beliefs or behaviors, and for those who work with spirit guides – specific messages and/or images that may be given to you in meditation.

That’s just the very beginning. From there … you then have to do research – and even more meditation.

Remember that meditation is the key to finding any answers you’re seeking, and it’s the same for past lives!

When we do start remembering, not only will details and information resonate with you (you might even notice uncanny similarities in terms of behavior, life events, etc), but something that you might not expect is that of feeling certain emotions. Oftentimes, there is a great reverence, nostalgia or awe that’s felt, along with happiness, a sense of closure or validation, and even excitement. However, once in a while some of us will “come across” particular past lives that give us not-so-positive emotions and thoughts.

Some of us will uncover life times that we’re not too proud to acknowledge … for whatever reason; perhaps something that we did, or who we were, or even just in how we died.

Sometime soon I’ll tell you about my past lives or some of the more prominent ones; I have some interesting stories!

When you find these emotions and the stories of what happened to you, how you died etc., there’s a grieving period you go through and an acceptance period you have to allow yourself.

That’s important to remember, to actually acknowledge those emotions and thoughts. Just like within the grieving process when you lose a loved one; would you like it if someone said to you in the midst of your mourning, “Oh suck it up; they’re dead! Constantly crying and feeling regretful isn’t going to bring them back and it isn’t going to make you feel any better either. Toughen up!” You wouldn’t like that too much would you? So don’t do it to yourself because this is almost the very same process. Allow yourself to grieve; even allow yourself to feel that anger and remorse towards yourself and who you were.

Once you do that, please… let it go! (Let it go… let it go…)

Doing this heals your Spirit and helps you to move forward in a bigger way, because each of your lives are connected in some way! It’s the same Spirit after all, the same you!

So this is the main purpose of learning about past lives. It shows us lessons we have learned, things we’ve overcome, it explains fears and thought patterns or behaviors, it removes any potential blocks we might have formed as a result of a particular life, it propels us onwards and upwards in this life (evolution), and it heals the emotionally wounded heart and spirit!

Even the not-so-wonderful past lives… embrace them regardless of how dark or horrible things were (or that you perceive to be so). Grieve, accept, show understanding, forgive, and then let it go. And take pride, no matter who you are/were!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. melclarity13 says:

    Absolutely right Josh! I had a past life reading a few years ago, the detail was so incredible and I knew it to be 100% true as it resonated in my life now so much, and it stirred me on an emotional level there was just no denying. It helped me understand things about myself in this life and helped me to heal some things.


    1. Josh says:

      Exactly! It’s amazing


  2. Julie Duncan says:

    I must talk to you about this often wonder if ive had past lives


  3. Sue Fornace says:

    I really like this site.


    1. Josh says:

      This made my day!


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