10 Ways to Be the Woman He Wants


To be the woman that every man wants doesn’t take much. Many articles spew out four or five important traits that most men want in a woman, and then share what a woman needs to do to change herself in order to have those traits. I don’t think women need all that instruction. Women are nurturers and can figure out the details for themselves. I think what is truly difficult is remembering all those things that us guys appreciate. Here is a dream list of 10 things most men wish every woman could be/do.

1. Remember the Little Things – Men are simple creatures, and when they find a woman who is good at remembering the little things, he smiles to himself each day. Men don’t need much to be satisfied: just those occasional notes on his pillow, gravy on his mashed potatoes and discovering you naked on the couch when he comes home from work.

2. She is Independent – Men may appear to want to be the quarterback in the relationship. However, once they realize that means calling all the plays 24 hours a day, they quickly learn how nice it is to have a woman who is independent and can think for herself.

3. His Playmate – Men communicate best via action.This is why when a group of guys get together, they usually don’t sip tea and chat about trading jeans for the summer. They go to the golf course, football game, or pool hall and engage in a little horseplay. Whether he’ll admit or not, most men are on the lookout for a playmate who will accompany them on some of their shenanigans. A man enjoys the company of a sexy woman, but prefers to spend the rest of his life with a woman with whom he can connect and play with.

4. Demands Respect – Men like a woman who gives him some room to make mistakes and be himself. However, every woman has her expectations, and she must make them very clear. Men respect a woman who is understanding, but they also want a woman who thinks enough of herself to tell him where to go when he deserves it.

5. She Knows the Meaning of a Home-Cooked Meal – A good portion of mothers grew up in the Leave it to Beaver era, where everything from roasts to meatloaf was homemade with love and gravy. Today, most guys know the taste of home-cooking, but are used to the modern rendition, which includes buying a paper box at the grocery store, nuking it, and then transferring the resulting soggy heap to a dinner plate. Every man can appreciate a woman who knows how to cook from scratch. It is almost as important as a man who knows how to remove a spider from the house without killing it.

6. Be A Smiley, Not a Grumpy –  It’s a hard life, and sometimes it is difficult to always be a smiley person. Men understand that and appreciate a woman who makes an effort to have a smile on hand whenever they are together.

7. Has a Hobby – Not all women foster a hobby for themselves. Many women feel too busy with life to take the time to do something for themselves. Don’t do that. Men find women with hobbies very attractive. It gives her mystery, skill sets and a good excuse to get out of the house when you’re driving each other crazy.

8. Is Unpredictably Predictable – Men like surprises, but they don’t always need them to be way out in UFO territory. Creativity is appreciated in a woman. However, you don’t have to reinvent the remote control to see his eyes light up. Surprise him with his old favorites repeatedly; they will almost never get old.

9. Has Many Feminine Traits – There is a reason why films like Gone With the Wind have remained such a classic story of love and romance. There would be no Rhett Butler if there wasn’t a Scarlett O’Hara to balance out his masculinity. Guys enjoy the company of a woman who is graceful, tender, nurturing, sensitive and vulnerable. These are the things that make a man whole.

10. She can get along with his friends– Friends and lovers don’t always see eye to eye, but it is nice when they at least try to understand and get along with each other.

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