Accepting and Loving Yourself


We are seekers, and in one way or another we are constantly chasing after “something” that we believe will make us happy. We want to have the latest phone or “i-whatever” that’s on the market. We base our worth on the clothes we wear, the vehicles we drive and the home we live in… so it’s really not a surprise that approximately 75% of people are in debt because they are trying to live up to some non-existent ideal. And then there are the aspects of our lives that create a sense of low self-esteem based on childhood and life experiences added into that mix.

So what I’m telling you is that all those “people, places, and things” you compare yourself are an illusion. Yep, pure hogwash, as my granny used to say! So let’s let go of all the “shoulda, woulda, coulda” and re-nurture ourselves into a much more sane and enjoyable lifetime!

1. Take inventory of what you have accomplished (not what you think you should have accomplished) in your life.

2. Accept that you are who you are, and have done whatever you have done based on the tools and support that was in your world. Starting now, do not go back over old wounds, do not let your mind get stuck on childhood history or on whatever was done to you in the past.

3. Now with that done, you can see that there is no way to measure yourself against others as there is no one that has had your exact path, limitations, lifestyle or issues. Accept that you are as the Divine made you to be in this moment. Accept that you are as you are supposed to be. That means you are perfectly normal as a result of your past experiences. Yep, you are perfect just as you are!

The truth is that we are able, at any moment in our lives, to stop and let go of the pain, unhappiness and low self-esteem and begin to nurture ourselves towards being happy. Dealing with life’s challenges is easier when you have an inner source of love (like in Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All.”)

Sometimes there are things you won’t know how to handle. It’s wise to ask for help in those cases, get clarity and find your own path to happiness. It may mean seeking help with an addiction or with an old wound (mind, body or spirit injury). It could mean you need to make amends to someone you might have harmed, and it could mean that you simply begin to give to yourself first, instead of always thinking of what others need.

Whatever it is that you start doing right now to be happy; I know you are perfect in this minute, exactly as you should be!

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  1. melclarity13 says:

    Hardest thing to do is to give to yourself, well a huge lesson for me, but you are right, its in that moment nothing else seems to matter, you just feel peace.That’s where happiness lies when you nurture within.


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