5 Mistakes Women Make in Bed

You live and you learn, unless you’ve developed some bad habits in the bedroom that your partners haven’t given you a head’s up about. Rather than continue along this trainwreck of a path towards sexual dissatisfaction, check out a few faux pas worth taking the time to correct!

1. His Body is a Wonderland – While touching and licking different party of his body may feel good to him, he is much more interested in you tending to his one true erogenous zone, that which is down under. If you are anywhere but there, he’s probably wondering and hoping you get to the main attraction ASAP.

2. Ease Off the Hair – While women tend to like some hair pulling (having long hair makes it feel really good), men usually don’t. Their hair is much shorter and closer to the roots, so lay off the hair, ladies!

3. Navigation System ON – Keeping quiet about what’s working for you and what isn’t is a great way to miss out on the Big O. While criticism may seem wrong, you can point him in a better direction that will get you both closer to happy completion.

4. The Nipple Attack – Most men actually don’t enjoy the attention to their nipples in the way that women tend to. While nipples may be sensitive on both women and men, he’s not really getting something from the experience and is probably just hoping that you work your way south, like immediately.

5. Teeth are for Eating – When it comes to fellatio, teeth are evil. Even if you aren’t consciously using them, the fact that they are in your mouth means it’s a good idea to always be aware of them at all times.

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