Your Soul Number

Your Soul Number, often referred to as the Heart’s Desire Number, uses your full birth name as it appears on your birth certificate. The Soul Number is determined by applying a numeric value to each vowel and adding them together. You continue to add and then break them down until you reach a number from 1 – 9.

It’s especially interesting to look at how your Soul Number changes when you change your name. (For example, if you get married and take your spouse’s name.) You never lose your birth Soul Number; you’ll just have two (or more) Soul Numbers.

Your Soul Number reflects the energy of opening to give or receive love energy. It is where you open your heart to a person or place. Check the Birth, Destiny and Soul Numbers of those you love. Even your favorite addresses often have your Soul Number.

Here are the vowels and their numerical equivalents according to modern numerology techniques:

1 3 5 6 7 9
A U E O Y* I

*Only if used as a vowel sound

As an example: Sherry is 5+7 = 12, 1+2 = 3, Yolanda is 6+1+1 = 8. Since Sherry’s Y replaces a vowel and Yolanda’s Y doesn’t, you only count it in Sherry’s Soul Number.

So my name, (remember you have to use your full name, so I can’t use Josh), Joshua would be:

(O,U,A) 6+3+1= 10, 1+0= 1 – so my Soul Number is 1.

You express your heart, your dreams and your ideals through your Soul Number, and you find satisfaction and joy wherever it exists in life.

Soul Number 1 – For those who believe in reincarnation or an eternal common consciousness, your soul is beginning a new path. You love an ever-active lifestyle and have a hero as your soulmate. You are probably a strong supporter of military troops, police, firefighters and sports figures, and you are a grand helper to all those around you, with a generous, fiery spirit.

Soul Number 2 – You love the balance of the masculine and feminine. You are devoted to finding or caring for your soulmate and other soul partners. These souls are also committed to the rich expression of their emotional side with strength. You are always in a dance with others to bring joy.

Soul Number 3 – Beauty and full communications bring joy to your life and richness to your soul. You create beauty and communicate love perfectly. You feel totally at home in an address that has a three vibration and people will love being with you in this gorgeous environment.

Soul Number 4 – You love the four elements and how they interact to bring completion. You want someone in your life with earthiness, emotion, fire and airy freedom. Many popular films carry your dynamic with four goddess stars, such as “Sex and the City” and “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.” See your soul in the power of these characters coming together.

Soul Number 5 – You love a good drama with a great moral, and this acts as a compass for your soul’s path. You express your soul through the arts and you are the person who brings life to family gatherings. Five is the number of the love goddess Venus. Your soul is the five-fingered hand that creates and the five-pointed stars on Hollywood Boulevard.

Soul Number 6 – You make love become real through work and interaction. There is a beautiful, loving and artistic quality to all of your labors. You are the beloved physician, nurse, teacher or mother-like figure who helps and heals others. You seldom realize what a treasure you are to those around you, as your soul expresses the power of love without asking for reward.

Soul Number 7 – Your Soul Number is the number of the soul on its hero’s journey. You seek and express the eternal cycles shown by the “wanderers” in the sky—the Sun, Moon and visible planets. 7 souls have an inherent love and understanding of universal intelligence. While you sometimes appear to be a loner, you are forever interacting with that great intelligence and never feel alone.

Soul Number 8 – You love building workable structures where people can thrive and whether there are businesses, families or organizations. You are a natural CEO, family leader and are spiritually motivated guide to any group. You love being trusted with responsibilities and with others who can be trusted to build and create.

Soul Number 9 – Your soul search in life is completion. You love wisdom and feel complete when you share it. You will travel the earth and beyond to seek your spiritual path and can’t wait to share what you’ve learned from other cultures and ways of life. You love seeing the circle of wisdom completed—lifting others to greater realms of seeking.

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