Psychic Spotlight: Jade Guides You Through a Meditation

In this meditation today, our goal is to develop your Pyschic Sense to become in tune, to Become one, to become aware of your Pyschic Sense.

We currently live in a time where spiritual consciousness and Pyschic abilities are heightened.

We all are born with the natural Pyschic ability; some has tapped in more than others. We will enter into this Supernatural realm and you will begin to develop your Pyschic Abilities your Supernatural Pyschic Abilities, it is the Realm of all knowing, omniscient field. And we will connect to that field through our brain, our third eye that connects to our Pineal Gland.

Actually its better to do this meditation in darkness, so if you have a private room, a closet, where you can experience total darkness because we will access the Pineal Gland, the Pituitary Gland which exist here all knowing past, present and future.

In this Illuminating allow yourself to be soul spirit.

Unified Intuition Divine Field, tuned in with your body mind

Now, Before we enter into the Unified Intuition Divine Field, of all knowing where everything exists. We must do some inner housecleaning ourselves, we must let go of any judgments, preprogrammed thoughts any blockages, we want to eradicate any self doubt, Fears, any negative energies and let our intuitive Higher Psychic  “self evolve”.

Well Let’s begin by relaxing either sitting up in a chair with your back straight and your feet grounded on the floor or lying down on your back, with you.

hands to your side, what ever is comfortable for you. As we began to flex our Psychic muscles. We will connect with the Supernatural Spiritual Realm.

-Let’s take your hands and look at your 10 fingers, -Take your thumbs and put them in your ears upward, -Take your your two fingers, your index fingers and your middle fingers and place it over your brow, it will connect at the Third eye,

-Take your ring and put it fingers and put it on your nostrils

-Take your little finger or your pinky finger and place it in the crease of your lips. It looks as though you’re wearing a Mask. We will use this position for breathing exercise.

Breath in 8 counts, hold 8 counts, release 8 counts and hold 8 counts.

Let’s begin, inhale through your nostrils,

8 counts, hold 8counts, release 8 counts, and hold 8 counts.

Let’s do it Again, inhale,

8 counts, hold 8 counts, release 8 counts, and hold 8 counts.

This is found to be the most relaxing modality, open your mouth and yarn as though you are fallen asleep. We will do this 4 times, Yarn, Yarn, and Yarn Yarn. Wow that is so relaxing.

Let’s continue as we focus on the White Illuminating Light, penetrating our Crown Chakra, penetrating the skull of the brain, penetrating into the Frontal Lobe, Penetrates back we want to travel into the mid-brain.

The Pineal Gland is the manifestation of the Third Eye, which is the Gateway to the Unified Intuition Divine Field, This is where the True You, The True Universe, The true world the true existence of everything, Some people call it, Force, God, Creator, Akasha Record, it is in this Divine. This Unified Divine Field, where your Pyschic abilities exist.

Notice any mental chatter in your mind just let it go, let all the chatter dissipate. We want to welcome in Clarity and Freedom and a Supernatural Psychic Energy to the Crown Charka, we even allow the light to penetrate upward, slowly as it enters the Divine Field of oneness where everything exist.

As you begin to feel yourself moving closer into The Illuminating Unified Intuition Field, Sense the Love and compassion that embraces you as you’re in the field, a place of Home a place of a place of

acceptance a place of confirmation and validation of who you are, your purpose your destiny your gifts your psychic abilities.

*You may acquire the Spiritual psychic ability of Just Knowing,

*You may even see or visuals psychic images they may *They may be blurred or look as patterns, but continue to practices this mediation and they will become clearer, and clearer, razor sharp.

*You may also experience in the field Extra Sensory information. You may feel sensations moving through your body

*And while you’re in the Psychic field you can ask a question any questions.   For an EXAMPlE: What did my Grandmother look like as ,a little girl?

Observe all of the forms of an answer that you may receive.

The more your are aware of yourself and your imperfections the less likely you will color or misinterpret information


As we begin to pull away from the field through our Crown Chakra back into the Pineal Gland and into our bodies as were are aware of where we are now, in our physical bodies, let’s start to breath again.

Let’s begin, inhale through your nostrils,

8 counts, hold 8counts, release 8 counts, and hold 8 counts

After a while of doing this exercise you will be able to access this field more easily more effortlessly at anytime you desire.

~ Guest Author, Jade

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