How to Attract and Keep a Great Partner


Arguably, the most important tool in securing a great mate is awareness; of yourself, what you want, what you have to offer and what you are projecting. Figure these things out and you’ve got a great formula to work with!

Lose some weight, play it cool, and date as many people as possible. These are some of the myths about dating which can hurt more than help. While all of these suggestions are useful to a degree, they ultimately miss the mark regarding the most efficient way to find the right person for you. There is a definite strategy involved in dating for keeps, and it is characterized by one key component.

eing aware of what type of mate you are looking for will save you a lot of energy and time pursuing someone you ultimately wouldn’t be compatible with. You can’t attract the right person if you haven’t figured out who that is yet. So make that list, be realistic, and figure out which characteristics can be compromised and which are deal breakers.

Just as you need to be aware of what you and your potential partner have to offer one another, don’t gloss over the compatibility factor. Having similar values, inspirations and respect will keep the relationship healthy and strong. Understand each other’s habits and quirks. Do they work well together, are they considered endearing quirks, or will they most likely grate on the respective partner’s nerves over time?

Be aware of and open to the potential of those around you. When meeting others, live in the moment, be truly receptive to the other person and their potential to connect with you. Don’t allow red flags, or positive signals or clues to pass you by because you aren’t open to them.

Your awareness of how others see you will give you the tools to present yourself confidently and honestly to your dates, while giving you the opportunity to work on bettering those traits you may not be as proud of. Many times people are not aware enough of what they are projecting, and then wonder why they aren’t finding that right person. Strengthen those traits you admire about yourself and work on those you wish to improve.

Have an awareness of what you need in a relationship and do not compromise those needs at the expense of your self-esteem and happiness. While it is imperative, and rewarding, to tend to your partner’s needs, if you neglect your own, you risk an unhealthy relationship where you have less to give because you are not receiving what you need. This way, your partner will learn that you know your own worth, and if not treated with the same respect, he or she will risk losing you.

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