Soul Group: Your Real Family


Do you ever feel a connection to someone so strong that you feel closer than your “real/biological” family?

Remember, yes family is so important, but it’s who we were given to be born with; it doesn’t mean we have a soul connection to them. Some of your family members you may have shared past lives with, and some you may not have.

Your soul group is the real family; people who you are close with on the Other Side, in past lives, and beyond this one existence. This is why you feel closer to some than your family. You may have a soul group of 5, or you may have a soul group of 50!

Finding our soul group and he people we connect with spiritually is difficult for many of us to grasp. In many cases all you have to do is open your eyes and you will see they are all around you in your circles of friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers.

To find your soul group you only you need to look as far as your family, your friends and people you meet in life. Your brother may have once been your daughter, or your mother may have once been your sister, but each of them is not only experiencing life with you, but you are all learning for the benefit of the soul group collective. Each person you interact with who is within your soul group has an impact on your life in both huge and subtle ways. If you need a more personlized way to find your soul group contact our psychics today!

When we are in our soul groups, we formulate our plans for incarnation. We pick the people/souls we will meet in life and make them part of our group. These are the people who will help us along our path of learning—our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, mentors and even someone who cuts us a break from time to time.

The purpose of incarnation is to develop and learn lessons in life; lessons that help us grow on a soul level and also elevate the vibration of the soul collective or the soul group. Each vibrational level brings us closer to our Source of all (i.e., God, our infinite Creator, or whatever name you use), with whom we have a sacred contract to live life to its fullest potential, with meaning and purpose.

From a nurtured soul in the soul group, we incarnate and enter life. We go through the traumas of birth and the confusion of becoming living, breathing, dense energy. We become human and all of what we had planned with our soul group is erased and forgotten. Babies do not have brains that can comprehend master plans; neither do adolescents. This is why we need others, and this is why we belong to groups who come with us. By the time we start questioning our life’s purpose, members of our soul group have already been put in place to help us along. They don’t know any more about their path than the average person, but just being there is what really counts. They are your soul group and your spiritual family. They are your home.

Why do total strangers sometimes feel like old friends?

Because the last thing they are is strangers.

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  1. From my experience, being the middle child growing up around my real/biological family i only got along with my siblings during early childhood, but a bit after the early adulthood, we didn’t really get along (especially the male sibling), as he got kicked out of home in his late teens. I never really got along with my parents, and still don’t as their attitude towards life was always different from my own. They always saw themselves as perfect, but every little mistake that their children made, they always had harsh words to say or being hypercritical of every little thing(especially my father). He would always bring up the negatives from the past, as well as my mother. So i do believe i connect with my female sibling to an extend – over my parents and male sibling, as she is more understanding and intuitive to my needs. I must say from those experiences, it has helped me become the person i am today, and despite being alone for such a longtime physically(still today), it has unlocked my gifts that i never knew i had. I would say my real family in a spiritual and past life sense are those who share the same values and understandings as me! Particularly those whom i never met in person, some i met along the way in person, some people i rarely talk to, some strangers i never met, people i met online, and people i haven’t known for so that they have become real family over my family, because of the overall connection!
    For that reason, i can definitely relate to so many people, where as my parents can’t!!


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