Psychic Spotlight: Melinda Explains Living in the Moment


There’s a lot to be said for living in the moment, what is it about it that always seems to be so elusive, out of reach no matter how hard you try to do it….I used to think that if you planned well, you’re entire life would turn out exactly how you imagined it or perhaps wanted it to. The longer you live, the more you come to realize at just how little control you actually do have over many outcomes in your life.

Like most people, I too have had some incredibly challenging life events, where you struggle to understand typically ‘Why?’

The most important thing I’ve come to learn as I continue to heal from these different life events is this…no matter how hard or challenging any given moment can be in your life, it has always given me an opportunity to redefine myself as a person. It’s these life changing tragedies that have moulded me and ironically as in all of us, make us who we are. It is within these most challenging of times where I have been forced to stop…stop life as I know it. The routines, the day to day necessities that we all get weighed down by to earn a living and to forge a life for ourselves. These are the moments purely, that I know without a doubt, I am brought back to the ‘moment’, there is nothing before it, nothing after it, it is all I have is the here and now. No need to fix anything, change anything, but rather just let myself be in that moment. This would be without a doubt, the most peaceful state I have ever had. It’s where the rest of your fears, troubles melt away, where you feel no need to have them present in your thoughts. Everything else becomes trivial in comparison to that moment, I’m aware of sounds, nature, the world around me…and I just am incredibly blessed and grateful!

This is something I personally strive for in my life, to be able to live with gratitude and live forever in a ‘moment’ because it is only there that all the happiness and peace I have ever wanted I actually find.

Life is a journey, no matter how difficult the journey becomes be brave enough when your mind starts to wonder into the affinity of what ifs, take a deep breath, be mindful, stop the thinking in its tracks and bring yourself back to ‘the moment’. Certainly is a work in progress, but I have found its where my true peace and happiness lies is only ever in the ‘moment’ and where I have the most gratitude. Life doesn’t get better than that…

~ Guest Author Melinda

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