Vedic Astrology – What’s Your Sign?


Would you like to learn about a deeper view of your chart that helps reveal the path of your soul? Vedic Astrology offers the rich, ancient Hindu wisdom underlying the zodiac we use today. The Nakshatras come from a technique using the path of the Moon that has mostly disappeared from modern Western astrology. They offer a different kind of “sign” that you can find nearly as easily as your sun sign, based on your birthday.

Similar to the dates when sun signs change, Nakshatra changes can be a day or so off from this list, so consider which Nakshatra suits you. Here is a brief glimpse at your Sun Nakshatra, one of 27 lasting approximately 13 days.

July 6 – 19: Punarvasu, Star of Renewal
Intellectual/spiritual wisdom, wealth, gifted communication
Deity: Aditi (grants abundance)
Planet: Jupiter

July 20 – August 2: Pushya, Star of Nourishment
Spiritual maturity, creativity, authority figure, wealth, thriftiness
Deity: Brihaspati (lord of sacred speech, prayer)
Planet: Saturn

August 3 – 16: Ashlesha, Serpent Star
Non-judgmental, business interests, hypnotic gaze, communication skills
Deities: Naga (Serpent King, Kundalini energy)
Planet: Mercury

August 16 – 29: Magha, Star of Power
Personal power, performer, actor, politician, lawyer
Deities: Pitris (fathers of humanity, guardian angels)
Planet: Ketu

August 29 – September 12: Purva Phalguni, Fruit of the Tree
Performer, comedy, teaching, sales, athletic pursuits, playful joy
Deity: Bhaga (god of good fortune, prosperity)
Planet: Venus

September 13 – 26: Uttara Phalguni, Star of Patronage
Fearless creativity, humanitarian leadership, generosity, confidence, reading and writing
Deity: Aryaman (leadership, honor, helps those in need)
Planet: Sun

September 27 – October 10: Hasta, The Hand
Creative intelligence, speaking/writing ability, good memory/analysis, arts and crafts
Deity: Savitar (Sun god giving creative energy)
Planet: Moon

October 10 – 23: Chitra, Star of Opportunity
Attraction, charisma, artistic talent, seeking recognition
Deities: Tvashtar/Vishvakarma (Celestial architect of universe)
Planet: Mars

October 23 – November 4: Swati, Self-Going Star
Business skills, logic, authority, independence, adapting to change, theology
Deities: Vayu (demigod wind/air/breath) and Saraswati (goddess of learning)
Planet: Rahu

November 5 – 18: Vishakha, Star of Purpose
Research, science, purposefully seeking goals over time
Deities: Indra (transformation) Agni (fire)
Planet: Jupiter

November 19 – December 1: Anuradha, Star of Success
Leader, politician, athlete, artistry, creativity, gain through good group affiliations
Deity: Mitra (god of friendship/partnership)
Planet: Saturn

December 2 – 15: Jyeshta, Chief or Elder Star
Fame, creative genius, hard-work, executive ability
Deity: Indra (king of gods, protector of heroes)
Planet: Mercury

December 15 – 28: Mula, Foundation Star (Galactic Center, material to spiritual age)
Fame, wealth, courage, strong in crises and disasters, physician
Deities: Nirriti (ancient form of Kali), Alakshmi
Planet: Ketu

December 29 – January 10: Purva Ashadha, Invinceable Star
Leader, politician, speaking ability, humanitarian pursuits, popularity
Deities: Apas (cosmic waters as god) Ganesha, Varuna
Planet: Venus

January 10 – 23: Uttara Ashadha, Universal Star
Humanitarianism, philosophy, changer of society, affluence, deep knowledge
Deities: 10 Vishvadevas or universal principles (Goodness, Truth, Will Power, Skillfulness, Time, Desire, Firmness, Ancestor, Brightness, and Joy)
Planet: Sun

January 23 – February 4: Shravana, Star of Learning
Communication abilities, promoting health, strength, practicality, success, teaching
Deities: Vishnu (preserver of Universe) Saraswati (goddess of learning)
Planet: Moon

February 5 – 18: Dhanishtha, Star of Symphony
Love of music, singing, abundance, fame, courage, hard work, philosophy
Deities: 8 Vasus (solar gods of energy, light)
Planet: Mars

February 18 – March 3: Shatabisha, Hundred Healing Stars
Creative genius, writing ability, philosophy, healing
Deity: Varuna (god of rain and cosmic waters, medicine)
Planet: Rahu

March 3 – 16: Purva Bhadrapada, Burning Pair
Creativity, writing/speaking, unique talents, mysticism, passion
Deity: Aja Ekapada (one-footed goat/unicorn)
Planet: Jupiter

March 17 – 30: Uttara Bhadrapada, Warrior Star
Quick mind, mysticism, writing, diplomacy, charity, psychic ability
Deities: Ahirbudhnya (serpent of deep sea) Lakshmi (gem of family)
Planet: Saturn

March 31 – April 12: Revati, Wealthy
Unusual fame, travel, artistry, psychic, political science, humor
Deities: Pushan (nurturer/protector animals), Womb-Divine Mother
Planet: Mercury

April 13 – 26: Ashwini, Star of Healing and Travel
Business, regal leadership, healer, pilot, horsemen/women
Deities: Ashwin twins (two horsemen)
Planet: Ketu (S. Node)

April 27 – May 10: Bharani, Star of Restraint
Creativity, overcoming anger/pride issues, sibling rivalry, sexuality
Deities: Yama, Shakti (god of death/rebirth)
Planet: Venus

May 11 – May 23: Krittika, Star of Fire
Music, dance, drama, technology, political/spiritual activism
Deity: Agni (fire god)
Planet: Sun

May 24 – Jun 6: Rohini, Star of Ascent
Beauty, grace, poetry, musical talent, material wealth
Deities: Brahma/Prajapati (Creator of Universe)
Planet: Moon

June 7 – 21: Mrigashira, Searching Star
Perception, musical talent, speaking ability, athletic pursuits, research
Deity: Soma (Moon god, fulfillment)
Planet: Mars

June 22 – July 5: Ardra, Star of Healing Sorrow
Passionate/fierce action, politics, cunning, social skills, healer
Deity: Rudra (lord of storm/compassionate healing)
Planet: Rahu (N. Node)

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