Acrophonology: The Astrology Of Your Name

Acrophonology is the study of letters in a name. Each letter in the alphabet equates to a sign in the zodiac and carries its own unique energy. Each name you carry is important—first, middle, last,  married or nickname. Most important is your mother’s maiden name. Here are the heritage, karmic lessons and blocks you need to overcome in this lifetime.

You can get an idea of someones nature and personality by equating the letters in their name through the system of acrophonology.

Remember the letters carry the vibrations of the signs. So in an abstract way, you can do a little name chart with the letters and put together a look-see of the person (or yourself) you are seeking information about, be it a new friend or potential partner. As life takes us on a name-changing journey with marriage for women, I have found men take on nicknames. These names tell a lot about their inner nature or true self at different stages in their life.

Here is a brief overview of the basic vibrations each letter carries via the astrological sign:

AAries: Active, assertive personality, adventurous and enthusiastic

BTaurus: Very practical, determined personality, collectors of memories

CGemini: Friendly, outgoing, creative, overactive mind

DCancer: Nurturing and family-oriented, their word is their bond

EGemini: Intellectual and communicative, hates to be misquoted

F Leo: Friendly and romantic, fun loving, demanding, loves children

GVirgo: High standards, good work ethics, tireless workers

H Capricorn: Seeker of status and monetary gain, organized, dry sense of humor

ITaurus: Sensual, earthy, practical and money-orientated, protective, possessive

JSagittarius: Sense of fair play, open-minded and optimistic, lovers of philosophy

KScorpio: Powerful, private, self-contained, emotional nature, magnetic, sensual

LLibra: Social, romantic, charming and full of grace, insecure

MCancer: Emotional, family-oriented, nurturing, can smother those they love

N Virgo: Practical, intellectual, analytical and seeker of perfection, critical, inhibited

OCancer: Tenacious, cling for security, territorial, obsessive, manipulative

PLibra: Peace-loving, social, independent, relationships are very important

QSagittarius: Excitable, optimistic, idealistic, humanitarian, strong intuitive nature

RAries: Rational, logical, thrive on a challenge, impatient, ability to act as they think

SCapricorn: Success-oriented, responsible, survivors, cold and shy

TPisces: Sensitive, compassionate and intuitive, overindulgent

USagittarius: Outgoing and generous, opinionated, friendly

VAquarius: Idealistic, logical, marches to a different drummer

WLeo: Sensitive, ego and pride take center stage, romantic and creative

XPisces: Multi-talented, diverse, great imagination, smart and creative

YCapricorn: Independent, achievers, business and organizational skills

ZPisces: Extremely lucky or very unlucky, a very karmic letter, private, compassionate

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