How to Survive Being the Other Woman

Infidelity is unfortunately very common, and I certainly don’t condone cheating or affairs but this is a complete judgment-free zone, and we have to understand and remember that every circumstance is different. There are those in a relationship with a married man or woman who is actually their soulmate, and who even I believe will leave their partners and go to them.

The hardest thing in this kind of relationship is knowing that the person you love is still with someone they USED to (or perhaps, still do) love and you are sitting alone waiting for the phone to ring. You quickly find your entire life has suddenly become so single sighted, so focused, that everything else takes a backseat to that one hope of seeing your beloved just one more time.

Whether you and your beloved have ideas of one day being together or whether you are in a situation that you know the few moments you steal together is all you will ever have, the time spent waiting is the same: it hurts!

After all, you are normally a logical and restrained human being. You are not given to wild fits of emotion and you are certainly not a “home wrecker.” Yet everything about this situation is unlike any of the “rules” you had created for yourself in your life. So, why are you compelled to go through this? The answer often rests in a past life.

Whether or not you believe in past lives, they really do exist. In a single lifetime, we can have dozens, if not hundreds, of soul connections. Some are here to guide us, others to love us, some to repel us and others to release us.

In the case of such endless passions that arises from “less than optimal” situations, it is often the Universe giving us a chance to release this person once and for all. Perhaps you had been very destructive to one another in a past life. Perhaps this is all about learning discipline and sacrifice. One thing is for certain: the feelings and passion wrought by this one amazing person stands alone in your life. Before them, there was nothing. Since that one moment when they first entered your life, they have eclipsed everything in your life.

It will never be easy, but you can find a good friend or a good psychic (sometimes they are one and the same) and you can find ways to endure the waiting… or embracing the releasing. Some of us choose to wait forever. Whatever direction you take, this one amazing person has changed you forever. Be thankful for the depth of passion they brought into your life. Many people only dream of what you have experienced!

There is a strangely delicious pain involved in being “the other,” but if it becomes a pattern and you find yourself drawn to others who are already committed to another, there needs to be some serious investigating as to why you are doing such things.

Embrace the magic of a passion that has endured time and space and all logic. It is rare. It is painful. It belongs to just you. Such a romance is the absinthe of your heart. Do not let it overtake your world and leave you unbalanced, addicted and seeking more. Keep this river inside of its banks and you will make it through the journey.

Good luck, and remember if you need real advice or if you want to know if you’re in this relationship for a reason or it’s time to give up, consult with one of the world’s greatest psychics, I have some amazing colleagues so between myself and everyone else, come for a chat and see what’s going on in your situation!

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