Turn a Disaster Into a Blessing


How do you respond to crisis or devastation in your life? Do you become fearful and angry? Do you get stuck and lament the injustice of fate? Do you conspire to get revenge over those who you feel have wronged you? Do you curl up in the fetal position and cry? Does depression get ahold of you? Do you shut down?

What if we simply change our thought patterns and decide that what may appear to be a setback, is really a blessing in disguise?  What if these “injustices” were not at all what they appear to be? What if the devastation you feel is the only way for the tangled web to unravel so that you can walk on your intended path, once again?

We have all wondered… What is orchestrating these devastations? Is it just random? Or, are these so-called crises arranged somehow?

Personally, I believe our angels, Guides and higher selves have something to do with it. I also believe we come into this life with a loosely written plan (known as the Akashic Records) in order to have experiences that propel our soul evolution forward. I believe, prior to our incarnation, that our soul has a purpose or an intention of something to achieve in this lifetime. Knowing that we will forget this intention, our angels and guides help to push us back to ourselves after our devastating experiences. More often than not, these setbacks are severely uncomfortable, but sometimes they are needed in order to put us back on our intended path. Hence, the unravelings are blessings.

I have learned over the years to trust my angels, guides and my own intuition. I may not like these setbacks that happen. I may stomp my feet in despair. I may cry. But, I have learned to trust that when things like this happen it’s out of my control and when I let go of the reins or any attempt at control, life goes much smoother. Then I come to the realization that this is happening to serve a higher purpose for my highest good.

I like to think of it as a paradigm shift when something “bad” happens. And, what I’ve learned is to trust it and, instead of staying stuck in the victim role of “Why me?” I immediately begin to question where this is leading me and why.

Did you have a miscarriage? Maybe it’s not time for that baby to be born yet. Did you lose your job? Maybe it’s time to start that business or course of study that you’ve always had a burning desire to do. Did your partner decide to go in a different direction? Maybe they’re answering to a higher calling for their own soul growth, giving you the freedom to choose your higher calling. Are you stuck in traffic and angry about it? Maybe you’re being protected from a horrible car accident. Did you miss that flight? Maybe your soulmate is waiting to meet you on the next plane.

No matter what the outward devastation is, I’m convinced there’s an opportunity for us to learn to stop holding on so tightly and to let go and to remind us that we are not always in conscious control of everything around us. When we let go it’s an opportunity to reflect and to gain and internalize new wisdom from the experience. And when we internalize that wisdom, we take that with us on our path to experience new heights of peace, harmony and understanding with the world around us.

There is a way for you to know what your Angels and Guides are trying to tell you when you experience a setback. That is to work on your own intuition, and you will lead a less stressful life because you will begin to see the signs before you’re slammed by disaster. Or, come for a reading with me or one of my great colleagues. I can tune in to your situation and work with you by telling you what the guides have to say about your intended path.

When disaster strikes or something happens where you feel devastated and disoriented, it’s good to begin asking yourself the following questions: “Where can I find the good in this?” “What is the universe trying to teach me here?” “How is my reaction benefitting me now?” “Why is this road now blocked, and where am I drawn to next?” Start answering these questions and you will find a blessing. Trust me.

What I know is that these setbacks are designed to help you live a happier and healthier life. It may take years for you to see the blessings in them but they are there!

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