The Secrets Women Never Tell


Women can keep some of their juiciest secrets from her partner, her girlfriends, family and anyone they want. Secrets like addition, infidelity and jealousy top the list.

What are some of the juiciest secrets that a woman might keep from not just her mate, but from her girlfriends, family, everyone and anyone? Let’s consider what these deep and dark secrets are most likely to be.


A nasty hook, any type of substance addiction is usually a perfectly protected habit as long as the person is a highly functional addict. Generally an addict will ferociously protect their secret vice in order to continue the addiction; consequently no loved one is safe from their defensive web of lies.


A shameful act for most, sleeping with someone while in a relationship, or being the “other woman” in another relationship, is something a woman wouldn’t want others to know about and judge her for. Not only is judgment from others painful, but it can easily lead to the compounding of her guilt about the situation. That’s why she keeps this secret. Don’t forget too, that if she wants to try to hang onto her relationship, concealing the affair would likely be the only way to do so.

Eating Disorders

Knowing that her disorder would be confronted and judged, she’d probably prefer to suffer in quiet misery than have her dirty laundry aired for all to see and perhaps pity. Another consideration is the amount of spiritual work she would have ahead of her if her loved ones became involved in finding her the professional help she needed. This would be a major life challenge that she is most certainly avoiding.


Losing a child is such an extremely painful thing, but to play an active part in the act of it can easily be an experience so horrific to a woman that she’d never want to admit to it to anyone. Regardless of the circumstances which lead her to choose an abortion, and even if it was considered the best decision for everyone involved, she’d be likely to carry regret and pain for years which she’d much rather not relive with anyone.


Weakness is always difficult to admit, and jealousy is a pretty ugly emotional weakness, regardless of how “human” the emotion is. To admit jealousy is not only to admit a feeling of inadequacy at some level, but also to admit to harboring ill feelings towards another based on her perceived deficit.

Unrequited Love

How embarrassing and hurtful is it to feel strongly toward someone and not have that love returned? Not only is it a major blow to the ego, it’s a horrible feeling of rejection that she most likely prefers to keep secret. Sometimes suffering silently is an easier pill to swallow than exposing one’s painful episodes of rejection for all to see.

At the end of the day, no secret is worth keeping; get it off your chest, even if it means confiding in a trusted psychic!

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