Psychic Energy: Understanding it and Helping Your Psychic!

Everyone is presumably familiar with energy in some sort of way. Humans eat to provide their bodies with physical energy. When we have a stressful day at work, we realize our physical and mental energies are tapped out by the end of the day. We all require sleep to recharge all of our types of energy.

When psychics become available online for readings, our spiritual energies are at work. Psychics, whether consciously, subconsciously, or both, focus their spiritual energy on the customer’s information, the customer’s own energies, and the connection of energies between client and reader. Not only is the spiritual energy of a reader at work, but most psychics are also using their other energies during a reading. A strong physical energy is needed by most readers in order to be present in the moment. Many psychics have a nest/office that they seem most comfortable being in when they start taking calls. A genuine psychic who has the best interest of the client at heart will make sure his or her physical surroundings are set up to make him or her feel the most at ease. Without distractions, whether it be a messy room, whining children, a broken washing machine, or whatever physically upsets a reader’s physical presence, a reader is more apt to provide clearer, more energized readings. Most psychics take time before their shifts to check and comfortably establish their physical energies.

Because psychics are just people, too, mental and emotional energies need to be in balance in order to provide the customer with the best reading experience they can offer. Stresses of the personal lives of psychics happen just like everyone else understands. If a psychic happens to be wrestling with a close, personal relationship, or has another job full of negative energies, it might be very difficult to re-situate their emotional and mental energies to a comfortable balance so that time spent with a customer is of the best quality. Most psychics know this and assess themselves before allowing themselves to be available to clients. A wise psychic, even if he or she is scheduled to be available in three hours, will assess ALL their energies, try to balance them in preparation for customers, and every once in a while, he or she might just find that the energies are simply not coming together. A psychic then has a choice – do I open myself up to customers and risk the quality of a reading, or is it in the best interest of myself and potential clients to change my schedule and invest that time recharging myself? Most all psychics learn to decipher very quickly if they can step up and tap in or if they need to step away and recharge.

It is very common, however, for genuine, caring psychics to know exactly where to find a powerful charger for their energies; and it’s with you, the customer! Because genuine psychics are constantly preparing for each client (between each client, psychics have to “reset” or “realign” their energies back to “neutral”) and are therefore constantly aware of and sensitive to all their energies, you, the client, have the power to provide instant, inspiring, re-energizing boosts of incredible energy.  The surprising thing to you might be that you have no idea you’re providing this to your psychic!

Many psychics will close out of the chatroom and be so appreciative and so energized when a genuine connection has been felt on both sides. The client came into the reading with optimism, eagerness, trust, and honesty! Wow! That was such a great connection and reading! These gifts that a client, consciously or not, enters the chatroom with is how a psychic can enter and, most often within seconds, not only absorb the client’s gift of amazing energy but also be able to instantly connect. I can only really describe this as a quick foundation for a reading that will be full of information to exchange, questions to be answered, and then the ability for both client and reader to produce and compare tools for optimistically and successfully moving forward.

In my opinion, the customers are the ones who decide how much they are going to get out of a reading. If a client comes on with focused, positive energies, an optimistic, hopeful attitude, and a completely open mind, they are extending instant gifts to the psychic. The psychic (already ready to extend these same gifts to you) feels this as soon as hellos are exchanged, and, wow—the results are often very powerful because the readings can so often be so clear and so rich. Come into my chatroom with a negative attitude convinced nothing good can come and not really believing me that it will, well that affects my energy too and you sure aren’t going to receive the best reading or the best outcome.

Another secret? The bonus is that a genuine relationship can be formed in just that short amount of time. Although many psychics may never hear from a client again (and this makes many of us a bit sad), many psychics also naturally carry these connections with them a very long time – very possibly forever. Psychics with the ability to spiritually reach people will often try to send positive energy and well-being to customers; especially the ones they’ve had a powerful connection with.

I have some “clients” who I’ve become close with and had some great friendships come out of. Psychics have many different energies, possibilities, and gifts to bring to the table… but the customer does, too! Beautiful, amazing things can happen when each side of a reading is open and eager to make a personal one, so keep in mind when you’re going into your next reading; what you put into the reading is what you’ll get out of it!

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