Your Life Path


Over the years of doing psychic work, the Universe,  my Guides, my Spiritual team and colleagues, and even some earth based teachers have exposed me to many unusual and unexpected aspects about both our human life and the full spectrum of our spiritual facets. Many of us have heard about our past lives, but in my psychic experiences I have also encountered both parallel and future lives too.

Most of us realize that we have a vast number of past lives on the planet Earth, having lived in a wide range of historical periods and having experienced a wide spectrum of human experiences. Sometimes by accessing these lives we can shift patterns, blocks and traumas that have bled over to this current incarnation. Additionally, there are a whole slew of other lifetimes as well. There are also parallel lives. These are lives we live congruently in the present moment that share our soul; sometimes you’ll hear someone say, “I swear I met your twin.” Sometimes these parallel lives are in earth form and other times in spiritual form. While looking for past lives I sometimes stumble on future lives. In fact, some of us have come back from the future to this moment in time to assist. This may help explain a bit how psychics and seers can receive information about the future. The idea is that for our future options we often have more than one course, therefore we may have several possible outcomes; we may jump tracks and move in an entirely surprising direction, or we are even susceptible to complete changes in life path or destiny.

Some psychics and even physicists agree that time is not a lateral line through the past, present and future, but more a spiral where past, present and future are only illusions and actually occur at the same time. The present moment – right here, in this lifetime – is where our most pressing lessons and challenges reign. Some may have heard about the Akashic Record. This is a spiritual archive or library which holds all our life records – past, present, future – and these events can shift and be changed. Our life path is a mysterious dance between our intent and magical abilities, our destiny, our fate, free will and many mystical components not yet fully understood. We have extraordinary power, and ideally the current cosmic conditions may open the way for our beginning to actually tap more of our capacities and abilities in the fulfillment of our respective destinies.

Many of us know we have a spiritual team that helps guide us on our path. The more we are on our true path, the more the Universe provides support and helps makes things happen. This is often referred to as synchronicity. Good questions to ask yourself are: Are you living the life you truly desire? Are you fulfilling your potential? Are you engaged and interested in your life?

Need help along the way? Talk to a psychic today about any of your lives, past, present or future!

Our guides are always trying to get through to us with the choices that are most in alignment with our True Path through recurrent thoughts, signs, dreams, messages or even through a psychic session. Remember, if you need spiritual guidance, support or assistance, you need only ask – but you do need to ask!

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