3 Steps to Avoid Self-Sabotage


All set to go for a run in the morning, then sleep in and decide to wait for the next day?

Identifying and circumventing self-sabotage can be tricky – after all, this isn’t some arch-enemy spiking your drink at the Christmas party or deleting your work file – this is some part of you that wants to make sure you crash and burn before you get going.

While there are a lot of reasons that you may have developed these self-defeating habits, there are three easy things you can do that can really cut the self-enemy’s power to knock you down before you start.

1. Plan and Prioritize – Procrastination is the most insidious form of self-sabotage—you may have an important project due tomorrow but you’ll find yourself cleaning your bathtub before you actually get to work on it, leaving you with little time to succeed or do your best. Put first things first. Make an un-ordered list of what you want to accomplish, then order it and tackle it in order. Writing things down keeps the self-sabotager inside of you from moving that idea to reorganize your closet by color and season to the forefront, and you get immense satisfaction when you cross your items off your list. You’ll be amazed at just how much more you can do in your day when you practice this.

2. Plan Your Meals and Snacks –  If you walked out the door to a gloomy black-clouded sky, you’d be silly to not grab a raincoat and umbrella on the good chance of rain; but every day millions of people don’t prepare for the inevitability of being hungry, and when we’re hungry we (A.) don’t concentrate well and have mood swings, (B.) have to adjust our schedules to make time to find food, and (C.) make poor choices to stave off the increasing hunger. If you were driving cross-country, you wouldn’t head out without a full gas tank and a map, so don’t do it to yourself. Plan out meals, and have snacks on you so you run on optimum fuel all the way through your day.

3. Sleep, sleep, sleep! – Like the old Seinfeld routine – don’t let night guy screw up day guy. Day guy’s problem is also night guy’s problem. There’s only one you, so support yourself by making sure you’re well rested, and get over your self-declaration that you’re a night owl – this too is a form of sabotage. Give yourself enough time to sleep and be where you need to be, on time, well rested, and ready to seize the day. You’ll adjust and the successes you get behind you will fuel you to newer and greater heights.

Now those are three easy ways to offset self-sabotage before it begins, but what about the habits that are fully flourishing? Stopping those isn’t easy; in fact you may even require help. It’s scary to be this vulnerable, but your friends and loved ones know your faults and habits. Ask them and listen. You’ll naturally want to put up a wall and argue but listen and let it wash over you. You’ll be glad you did.

A psychic can also help overcome these habits. Ever wonder why it’s called a psychic reading? It’s because the psychics read you as if you’re a book. Ask for a reading without reference to other people or events; ask the psychic to reveal these self-sabotaging aspects. It’s going to be hard to hear, but once you see the face of your enemy, it has a much harder time hiding within you and you’ll see immediate improvements in all aspects of your life!

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