Ten Worst Relationship Habits (And How to Fix Them)


Are you wondering how to make a relationship work? Do you feel your personal relationship with your mate is in jeopardy? If you have relationship problems, don’t worry. These are some of the worst relationship habits that can actually be solved. Here are the top ten worst relationship habits that need to be and can be broken.

1. When Sex is Non-Existent – While there are many other valuable connections to be built on in a relationship, sexual intimacy is very important. It allows you to re-connect on an intimate level and strengthen the trust between the two of you. 

2. Too Much Time with the In-Laws – Make sure you take time for each other and away from family functions. Being with other family members is wonderful, but sometimes it can be stressful on the relationship.

3. Too Comfortable: A Time Not to Let Yourself Go – Many couples find their comfort level rises when they are together. Don’t forget to keep your appearance up and keep up activities such as exercise, grooming and outside fun. If you let yourself go in a relationship it might turn on you, and your partner may not be as interested.

4. Too Much Time Apart – It is fantastic if you have your own individual lives, and if you focus on hobbies and friends, but it can limit the bonding of your own relationship. Visit friends and engage in hobbies in moderation.

5. Be Thrifty, Not Expensive – Consult your partner about big purchases. This can be a major relationship problem, because the trust is broken when you’re not honest about spending money on large items. Buying a new pair of pants or some T-shirts is fine without mention; buying a new car isn’t.

6. PDA’s are Important – While smooching in the public eye only encourages comments such as “get a room,” little gestures of love and affection are great. Many couples take advantage of having their loved one around 24/7. A little touch to the arm, a caress or multiple hugs works wonders where a relationship is concerned.

7. Fight Fair – Couples who throw sticks and stones at each other and call each other names rarely survive their relationship. Be nice, don’t hurt the one you love. Agree to disagree when needed, and walk away when tempers flare.

8. Say Sorry – When you know you’re wrong, say it. Don’t hold back in a pride stance. Couples have more and more relationship problems when they don’t know how to apologize. Speak sincerely when you’re wrong, and break one of the worst relationship habits out there.

9. Don’t Sweat the Small Issues – If your partner forgets to pick up the milk or failed at making the pasta right that night, leave it alone. Couples who remain strong respect each other, and don’t get upset over such trivial issues.

10. Communication is Key – This is the worst relationship habit any couple can ever endure. Communication is the most important action couples need to survive in their relationship. Talk, express, write to each other, call or text on a daily basis. Keep each other in the loop, and tell your partner your feelings when you feel them. Don’t hesitate; life is too short and love can and should be grand!

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