The Soulmate Quiz!


Love is not a matter of luck. Rather, it’s about timing, preparedness, knowing what you want – and loving yourself! If you have yet to meet your soulmate, there are probably reasons. Take this quiz to see if you’re ready to find The One!

1. Rate Your Loveability…

a. 1000%. Of course I’m loveable, I love myself!
b. 85%. I can be a lot of work, but overall, I’m okay.
c. Um… 30-50%? I’m not so sure… or so wonderful.
d. 0%. I often worry there’s something wrong with me.

2. If I Met My Soulmate Tomorrow, I’d…

a. Be ready, willing and able to open myself up to loving and being loved!
b. Wish I had a few more ducks in a row, but go for it.
c. Probably question everything and maybe talk myself out of it.
d. I wouldn’t realize it – what’s does my soul mate even look like?

3. In Terms of a Partner…

a. I know what I want and am living up to any standards I set for them myself.
b. I have a list. I’m not 100% sure about some of it, but it’s pretty clear.
c. I’m flexible. I’d just take someone who loves me.
d. I have a hard time envisioning anyone could want me.

4. My Past Relationships Are All…

a. In the past. I’ve dealt with my romantic baggage.
b. Mostly over. I have a few regrets.
c. Disasters that have scarred me forever.
d. A part of my thoughts daily. There’s definitely one who got away.

5. I’m Looking for Love Because…

a. I’m a whole person ready to share my life with my equal, for better and worse.
b. It would be nice to be able to lean on someone – and let them lean on me.
c. I’m not sure… because it’s what I’m supposed to do?
d. I’m terrified of being alone forever.

6. Love is…

a. A mutually rewarding experience based upon trust, communication, commitment and chemistry.
b. Work, but it’s worth it.
c. Someone to hang out with on a Saturday night.
d. A real life fairytale… I hope!


Mostly A’s

You’re as ready as you’ll ever be to find love. If your soul mate walked into your life tomorrow, they’d see a capable and open person greeting them on a beautiful level playing field. Keep your eyes open – love is probably on the way!

Mostly B’s

While you’re not as established as you might like to be, you’re relatively self aware, which means you can be successful in a relationship. However, try to get a little clearer about who you are, what you want and why you want it – otherwise, you run the risk of attracting someone as uncertain as you are!

Mostly C’s

There’s no reason you have to look for love if you’re not ready. Rather than focusing on finding your perfect partner, focus on finding yourself. Work through any issues you feel may be holding you back (a counselor can certainly help) and then you can turn your focus to finding love.

Mostly D’s

Relationships are not a cure all for what ails you. And until you feel loveable – and trust in the universe’s divine ability to take care of you, you may find yourself in abusive or at the very least unsatisfying situations. Seek the help of an experienced person to help you work through your issues. You can only attract someone who loves you once you love yourself!

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