Special – Free Credit Towards Psychic Readings!

Hey guys!
We appreciate you being a loyal customer, and we want to thank you by offering FREE credit – which is even better than a free reading because you can get multiple readings from it!
When you sign up and pay the monthly fee for the MyAnswersGOLD membership, you receive free credit per money spent, i.e. $5 free after $200, up to $50 free after $1000 spent.
Today everyone gets this, whether you have a GOLD membership or not; and even better, we’re increasing the free credit!
Buy $200 worth of credit, and we won’t give you $5.00 free.. we’ll give you $20 free credit!
That could be two full readings!
Buy $500 worth of credit, and we won’t give you $20 off as normal, we’ll give you $50 free credit! (The amount usually given after $1000 spent with a gold membership)
And if you top up your account with $1000 of credit, we’ll double your bonus and give you $100 FREE CREDIT!
You can use that for 10 FREE READINGS!
All you have to do is log in to your account on AnswersOnline.com.au and select TOP-UP CREDIT, you will be sent a receipt for your credit purchased – simply email it to us within the next 24 hours, and we’ll put the extra FREE credit in your account right away; simple as that!

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