5 Ways to Fix Your Karma

Karma is one of those strange things that no one believes in until the universe corrects whatever you are doing—and believe me, after my years in this business of watching otherwise good people do stupid and bad things, when the universe decides it’s time to get even, it comes with a vengeance!

A surprisingly big part of being a spiritual counsellor and reader is to help people clean up messes that are usually self-induced. These stories always start with the same line from the person who needs help. Man, it just came out of nowhere… and I never saw it coming!

Out of nowhere started somewhere. If the universe threw a rock at your head, it wasn’t out of nowhere, and you, not the universe, were the one that started the fight in the first place.

Karma, in that sense, is just another way of saying cosmic retaliation. Start a fight with a higher power by doing something stupid, and out of nowhere comes your new reality until the score is settled and the universe is once again at peace. This might be a minor adjustment, such as getting your car hit at a shopping center, or this could be in the form of a major adjustment where you lose everything you have and will never have anything again. Here are a few rules of karma:

Rule #1: Give more than you take. We want and we want, but we give nothing back. You have to give more than you take. Do something besides going through life as a taker instead of a giver.

Rule #2: Anger backspills. Two important words to learn if you want to live at peace and be successful over time are “forgive and forget.” Anger is perhaps the most destructive of all emotions in that it spills back on you so often. Forgive, forget and move on, people!

Rule #3: Rotten members and bad so-called friends are black holes. Negative people create black holes around themselves that constantly suck the life and energy out of their surroundings. Don’t go through life constantly washed over by negativity by someone who doesn’t enjoy his or her own life and who’s mad because you enjoy yours.

Rule #4: Arrogance is Rewarded! The state of mind you should be seeking that’s the functional equivalent of arrogance is confidence. Be confident in what you do, but be humble enough to realize that there is still more to learn.

Rule #5: You Are a Role Model. Do something nice for someone who needs it. The table might turn one day! (You get the point!) Dedicate the rest of the year to building up some good karma, because it might be a matter of time before you accidentally throw that first rock!

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