Tips for Men for a Healthy Relationship


We all know that men and women have different roles in relationships. Some roles might co-exist, but for the most part, men have to step up their game to impress the girl they want, and keep the relationship going. To keep the “spice” alive and continue the relationship in a healthy way, several ingredients are needed from the very start. Women expect doors to be opened, chairs to be pulled, and of course compliments to be given. As the relationship progresses and we get comfortable, we sometimes lose focus of these expectations and many others. These healthy tips for men will not only meet the expectations women often have before getting into a relationship, but they will also enhance your relationship.

1. Never go to bed angry. Always resolve issues before sleeping and always say goodnight, not goodbye. You will wake up in a positive mood and will have a fresh start with a clear mind.

2. If she’s driving home alone at night after being with you, ask her to call you when she gets home, and make sure you’re awake for the call. It’s not just the words “call me when you get home” that makes her feel protected, but the fact that you were up to take her call.

3. Always walk on part of the sidewalk/footpath facing the street. This again gives her the “unspoken” protection she’s looking for. You’re protecting her from getting hit by a car, puddles of water being splashed, possibly tripping over the curb, etc.

4. When ordering breakfast, lunch, or dinner, always let her order first, or if you’re ordering for the both of you, give her order first, then yours. Again, it’s the “unspoken” respectful thing to do.

5. Open doors of all sorts. When picking her up for special occasions, always open her door. When getting into the car after an event, open her door. This is a tricky one, because you don’t always have to open doors. For example, if the car is parked in a tight spot and it would be difficult for the both of you to squeeze in, don’t worry about it.

6. Giving compliments is just as important as receiving compliments. Make sure you sound sincere and not antagonizing. Compliment her once a day when you see her. Every time you compliment yourself, make sure you give her one, too.

7. Hopeless romantic is a positive attribute. Show some compassion when least expected. The element of surprise will keep the romance fresh and new for years to come. This will make every date feel like the first.

8. Doing things that she likes that you don’t necessarily like is always a plus. Just make sure that if you do them, you do them with a positive attitude and not because you have to. Women know the difference between a nice gesture and truly meaningful act of kindness.

9. Public affection is always a good thing. Don’t go overboard with trying to have a complete make out session, but a kiss here and there doesn’t hurt.

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