Happy Thanksgiving!


One of my favorite (American) holidays is Thanksgiving.

Sure it’s a day of amazing food, followed shortly by the turkey coma, but it’s so much more than that.

Thanksgiving started off hundreds of years ago as a peace-making meal between the Native Americans and Pilgrims when they decided to stop fighting.

Even if you’re not in America or don’t celebrate or care about Thanksgiving, I think we should all take today to feel peaceful and even more importantly, feel grateful for our lives.

No matter how bad you think you have it, how much you may be struggling or wishing life was differently, there is something you can be grateful for.

You’re reading this after all aren’t you? So you’re alive and well enough to be on the computer or phone, that’s something to be grateful for.

Have a family? What a blessing.

Have friends? Another blessing.

A job? Lucky you!

There is so much you can be grateful for, so today I’d like us all to push aside, just for 24 hours, the things we’d like for our lives, the things we wish were different, and focus on the positive, on what we DO have!

I’m grateful you even took the time to read this.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

One Comment Add yours

  1. melclarity13 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Josh! There’s peace in the smallest of things…if we are open enough..x


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