What Is He Really Thinking?


One of the questions I get every single day is “what’s he thinking?” or “what he’s feeling?”  In particular, “What is he feeling about me and our relationship?”

It can be hard for women to see where the relationship is going, if their partner gives no clue of what they are thinking or feeling about the relationship. You might feel like he’s holding back, not telling you the truth or, worse, that he doesn’t love you anymore. It’s time to turn down the emotions and cut out the assumptions! It’s time to change your tactics. Instead of waiting to hear what he’s feeling or thinking or  badgering him for information (as the case may be), check out his actions.

For men, actions always speak louder than words or emotions. For women, however, showing your emotions and talking about them is very important. Women may tend to jump to conclusions and assume that something is wrong in the relationship or with themselves, if he is not showing his emotions like you do. That does not however mean there is a problem with the relationship!

Watch what he does. Does he talk a lot on the phone or send out lots of emails or texts? If not, how does he communicate his needs or affections? Check out how he interacts with his male and female friends. Does he hug or shake hands? If you don’t know (and even if you think you know the answers), take the next few days to watch. You’ll be enlightened.

While you are watching him, check your own reactions to his actions. Do you feel jealous when he hugs a female friend? Does it matter if he e-mails or texts someone more than you?

Another thing to consider if you’re not getting what you want: Have you asked for it? You can never get mad at a man for not giving you what you in a relationship if you didn’t ask for it. If there is something you need in a relationship, tell him! As long as you don’t nag or hold it against him. Allow him to fulfill your need in time and in his way.

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  1. Susan Fornacr says:

    Thank you for remembering me.
    I love your work.


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