Guest Spotlight: The Upside Down Mountain, by Mags MacKean

What happens when you seem to have it all – enough money, health and success – but happiness remains elusive? The Upside Down Mountain forsakes the summit for the journey downhill, penetrating the hidden depths of darkness and discomfort most people live to avoid. This descent through the wild landscapes of the Pyrenees, the Amazon, Tibet and Egypt reveals how to navigate troubled times and create a new story for ourselves and the world: inspiring us to become the change we seek. Archetypal guardians become familiar allies at the thresholds of descent – pointing the way to deepening and lasting transformation.


Author & former BBC Journalist Mags MacKean has drawn inspiration from mountains – quitting her career to scale some of the highest peaks in the world. Her first book charts her hapless adventures, a crippling fear of heights – and the realisation how lasting change can’t be external. Transferring the goal-driven values of a sea-level office life for an adrenaline-fuelled quest proved a short-lived high. In her new book, Mags turns her attention to the opposite direction: earth-bound and what the journey of descent means for a fulfilling life. She has immersed with shamans in the Amazon, Andes and South Africa – and applies their wisdom in her own medicine and coaching work. Mags is an inspirational speaker who supports individuals to develop their creative voice and vision, and guides transformative journeys, including to Peru’s ancient heartland.

Check her out below and pre-order your book today!

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