Happy Valentine’s Day; To You, From you


Valentine’s Day, as we know, isn’t a real holiday.

A great excuse for chocolates and roses? Sure!

If you’re in a relationship though, every day should be celebrated, 365 days of the year; today is no different than any other, and we shouldn’t need an excuse to have a special day with our partner.

Not everyone has a relationship though, so I think what could be really good for us all (whether in a relationship or not) is to dedicate this day not to a partner or a loved one, but to yourself.

Loving yourself is more important than dedicating yourself to a partner anyway, and there is so much love to be grateful for in life – the love of family, friends, co-workers, the list goes on and on, partners are just a small part in that.

So celebrate today for you, and cherish and appreciate whatever kind of love you do have in your life, in all the forms that it comes.

Happy Valentines Day out there!

~ Josh

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