Psychic Spotlight: Melinda on Grieving Loved Ones

I’ve had the humbling pleasure of doing Distant Healings/Readings for 16yrs, in all types of circumstances across the Globe. Whilst I have done an incredible amount for people wanting their own personal clarity, I’ve equally done healings on Loved Ones passed over and believe it or not even beloved Pets no longer with us.

I say a humbling pleasure, as to have anyone place their confidence and vulnerability with me in search of their own peace and clarity really is something so unbelievably Special. I’m asked for these healings/readings for all sorts of reasons, one of the main ones is the Missing…and a need for some sort of closure to know they are O.K. The interesting thing that comes through the readings, is the Loved Ones will say and show me what they want you to know, not what you want to know. The Loved Ones share the story of their life, how they were, their personality and details they want you to remember about them. They also try to describe where they are now and how it feels. To describe the feeling of peace they have in the afterlife, they often say to me, “Imagine the most incredible moment you can recall in your own life, then multiply that by 100”. It’s unimaginable on a human level to comprehend such an elevated peace and yet that is what they have and feel. They describe how they co-exist with us in their dimension and likened it to walking 6ft above us as we walk around on the ground. I have even had some say they wouldn’t come back for anything and they are eager to move on into their new journey beyond here.

Spirits are always around us and so many of us are eager to connect with our Loved Ones long after they have gone. We all have the ability to do this! There are always signs, however small, but they are always relevant to you and your connection with your Loved One. For instance, a particular song, a smell, an animal or an object. One of the biggest ways they try to connect with us is in our Dreams, whilst we dream of them it is actually them visiting you. They don’t always speak or have a message, but they make their presence known and leave you with an overall feeling. Talk to them!!! They hear you! And always ask the Universe for a sign to know your Loved One is around you. You just may be surprised! For me a sign that my Mum is around is a connection we shared with Dragonflies. Whenever I need her presence known a single Dragonfly appears and dances around my window, or whilst sitting in my backyard. It’s uncanny and unmistakable, and so comforting!

Grief is one of the hardest things to come to terms with; the finality and loss of people that we love is so hard to comprehend and accept. There are no rules with Grief and I always tell Clients there is no timeframe for it, it’s completely individual. I also always say that the best thing you could ever do is to honour your feelings. Don’t be brave, strong, get busy, or push it away but rather sit with it in all the heartache, the sadness, even the anger. It’s actually the hardest thing to do and yet by honouring the depth of how you feel in that moment, you will move out of it a little easier, until of course you fall into it again. It’s a process and can take a very long time in which you feel you fall down and get back up many times. So be kind to yourselves and allow the time and space at any point in time to feel and remember. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and thinking of all the Loved Ones who aren’t here, but remembering their spirit lives on, they never ever leave us…look for the signs!

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